The Highland Quaich

The word Quaich is derived from the Gaelic word "Cuach" which means

shallow cup. It originated in the Scottish Highlands centuries ago.

Traditionally, the Quaich is used when offering a guest "the cup of welcome"

and again, when offering the farewell or parting drink.

The simple, destinctive design of the Quaich has remained unchanged

over the centuries - a shallow bowl with two handles or "lugs"

Originals were made from wood, horn or leather, later superseded by Pewter and Silver in the late 17th century.

glass quaich

Stunning Pewter and Glass quaich.

Pewter Brass Quaich

Pewter/Brass Quaich with Celtic knot.

wooden  quaich

Wooden/Pewter Quaich

blue stone quaich

Pewter Quaich with Stone set Celtic handles.

thistle quaich

Pewter Quaich with Thistle badge.